Seven Sisters Trail Race Recap

It’s a nice relaxing rainy Sunday morning, My body is surprisingly not as sore as anticipated, I have lots of coffee, the perfect set up for telling you about my experience yesterday running the seven sisters trail race which is easily considered one of the hardest races in New England. 

First Time on Radio Experience

Hey everyone I thought I would share the wonderful experience of going and being interviewed on The Valley Advocate Sessions podcast and IHeartRadio recently. 

Holyoke St. Patrick's Day Road Race Recap

Hey everyone at least I'm consistent in being inconsistent with blog posts. As the only person on the team developing this company it's hard sometimes to get to everything you want to.

Northampton Cyclocross Race Recap

Hey friends Seth here, this weekend was the 27th Verge Northampton International Cyclocross Race and we were lucky to get a spot in the sold out race. I have never done a cyclocross race before and I thought it would be fun to let you know how my experience went down.