Full Moon Wellness Walk

~Let us know you're going HERE!~

Reconnect with nature on a Full Moon adventure! Experience the enjoyment and challenge of a walk at night under the light of the Full Moon. For thousands of years cultures all over the world have come together under Full Moons to connect and celebrate with nature, the universe, and each other. Each Full Moon walk consists of meeting new people, discussing various wilderness skill and environmental topics, and having fun in a wonderful natural setting. Join us as we come together to connect and celebrate nature and ourselves in and around the Full Moon.

~You'll know its me because I'll be holding a red flashlight~

Cost: Free

Ability Level: Beginner

What to expect: Meet new people, have a 5 min mindful ceremony, face the challenges of the night, and end with laughing with new friends.

What to bring: water (1Liter minimum), headlamp or flashlight, warm layer and/or rain protection just in case, and snack if you want.

What not to bring: Alcohol

~ONLY steady rain or thunderstorms will cancel this event~

Photo credit Subtle Trees