Chronic Trips Geocache Challenge Western, MA

This challenge is meant to connect us to nature, ourselves, and each other in a fun adventurous way. I really hope you take this time to appreciate, feel, and just enjoy the terrain and space you'll be traveling through and as always leave nothing but smiles, memories, and footsteps. You may even run into each other out there searching. 

How it works:

~Must be 21+

~Sign up through eventbrite HERE!

~The coordinates for the Geocache will be sent to you via email on January 25th at noon.

~The challenge is using your outdoor skills to figure out how to get there and be first. 

~Every ticket purchased plants a tree in California affect by last years wildfires~

~Cache is sponsored by the finest MA based companies! 

~WORKING TOGETHER IS STRONGLY ENCOURAGED (use the facebook event forum)~

~We reserve the right to refuse anyone under 21 from participating.