Chronic Trips Geocache Challenge

It's that time of year where the Pioneer Valley shows off its true magic. I want to show this to you and while you're at it have a friendly Geo-Cache Challenge.

How it works:
~Must be 21+
~Sign up by clicking on the Eventbrite link. 
~The coordinates for the Geo-Cache will be sent to you via email.
~First one to find the Cache gets its contents sponsored by Healing Tree Edibles, The Healing Rose, and Weed Boggs.

Sorry there is only 1 water bottle (thats part of the challenge) but starting now you all will have a chance to find one each month moving forward. In the end you'll hike about 3-5 miles, see a really beautiful part of the Pioneer Valley, and have a lot of fun!

~You will have until October 7th before I go out and collect it. 
~We reserve the right to refuse anyone under 21 from participating.