First Time on Radio Experience

SethApril 22 2018 - 12:27 PM

Hey everyone I thought I would share the wonderful experience of going and being interviewed on The Valley Advocate Sessions podcast and IHeartRadio recently. 

Wednesday April 18th after getting up from a long night in Burlington, VT I was contacted by the Valley Advocate wondering if I would be available the next day to join them on their podcast to talk about Chronic Trips. I was very excited and instantly responded with a yes, then it sank in, all of the thoughts that swirl in your head when you realize "shit is getting real". I've been really fortunate lately to get 3 articles in the local papers and now folks are approaching me to be on the radio to talk about my company and be an expert on something that was just a thought a couple of years ago. Luckily I've always seemed to have a good handle on my nerves as I thrive in uncomfortable situations and I've done my homework diligently sacrificing countless hours, sleep, family time, and social life but this isn't about that it's about the radio interviews.

When I got to the Valley Advocates HQ I was greeted by a very friendly face Meg Bantle. She had written an article previously on my cannabis infused yoga program and is a prominent writer for the cannabis industry in the Pioneer Valley. She lead me into the studio and before I new it the mic's were hot and the lights were on! The interview focused around my background like where I came from, the education I've received, my life as a cannabis athlete, and other topics like when I first got introduced to cannabis. All the things most people don't like talking about which is themselves. We then moved on to how the idea of Chronic Trips came about and how my life's experiences kind of led me to this, the struggles of entrepreneurship, and other fun things like how Chronic Trips is pioneering cannabis blended adventure and wellness programming. We then moved on to touch a little bit on the politics and regulations surrounding arguably the most regulated industry out there. If you see the video podcast (to be aired Monday, I'll post it) you will see a few beads of sweat probably but in all I think I did alright for my very first time. The Advocate made me feel very comfortable during the interview and it seemed like just having a conversation and at one point I even forgot there were lights, cameras, and mic's around so I hope I didn't say anything off color as I haven't even heard the podcast yet. I almost felt like Will Ferrel during the movie "Old school" when he blacked out during the political discussion. They said "hey Seth you did I great job!" I said "really? good I blacked out". 

Next up was IHeartRadio on April 20th (420), also referred to as a stoner holiday (religious even to some).  It seemed very fitting that Thom Fox host of "The Engine" probably the foremost radio show related to start-up entrepreneurship and many other things related to business and leadership in the valley was able to schedule a cannabis related company on 420 and was very honored he chose me. This interview was different than the day before's with some crossover. During this interview I was asked about my background just like before but then we talked about the science of what Chronic Trips is doing and how cannabis relates to our parasympathetic nervous system (rest and restore system) and when you blend that with activities such as yoga, adventure, and fitness it really amplifies the results leaving you mentally and physically rejuvenated all in one session. We then talked about the political side of things and I mistakingly brought up Trump which I really meant to stick to the good thing he's doing which is possibly making cannabis federally legal but I slipped slightly and got called out. Tom Fox just like the Advocate made me feel really welcome in their space so again that slip up was me being too comfortable in the conversation and forgetting there are microphones around. I was less nervous going into this one until it started and I realized "this guy did his homework" not that the Advocate didn't Thom just had a whole other set of questions that were deeper than just Chronic Trips. I really enjoyed the challenge of that and really enjoyed the ease in which the Advocate created so I could share my story but again in the end I think I did great and look forward to hearing feedback from people.

So in a nutshell that's some of the stuff I experienced for my first time on the radio. I really learned a lot and Chronic Trips is so blessed to have gotten the press and support from the community that it has. I'm really excited for the future. You'll have to listen to the shows to hear the nitty gritty and don't worry I'll share the links soon. If you read this far I love you and thank you for reading!